Needing an Interim Manager?

Having an interim manager can be crucial to a company or organisation that needs extra resources or competences for a defined period of time.

This situation can be more or less immediate, but nonetheless the company or organisation has to continue with their daily work.

When is an interim manager the solution?

Different situations can occur – more or less sudden – where an interim manager is a quick and flexible solution. This could be situations like 

  • Illness
  • Dismissal 
  • Project development
  • Project management

Ditlev Consulting can step in as your interim manager within very short notice to secure minimal loss of speed in the organisation.

We have “hands-on” experience

We are quick to join and commence, quick to learn and acquaint ourselves in the business situation or problem and take rapid action.

Jette has hands-on experience from more than 20 years in several industries and has been an interim manager several times e.g. as the CEO of a company in the service sector and as a Sales Executive of a branded FMCG-company.